where ideologies meet..
where learning meets Wisdom
where Attitude meets character
where eastern philosophies meet western…
where infrastructure meets personality development
where goals meet targets
Welcome to Fusion International School

Fusion is a combination of eastern educational philosophies with that of the western teaching methods. Lessons are not just theoretical but also pragmatic. Most of the lessons are taught using visuals, practical methods or activities.

We believe each child is precious, gifted and unique and we treat them that way. Our school policy is to create an atmosphere conducive enough for the child to grow and to learn. Our first goal is that every Fusionite looks forward to school everyday. We use pragmatic and activity based learning methods to make learning enjoyable and fun. We do not believe in scolding and giving corporal punishment to students as it does not improve child behaviour. Each child is encouraged to be independent and we ask them to take their own decision, which will improve his personality.

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Mon 29 Feb

and this year (2015-16) Fusion International school won a citation for one of the best schools in Hyderabad (9th Rank among top schools) in 7 different Categories, from Digital Learning Organization at Le Meridian Hotel, New Delhi Three cheers for Fusion! And our CEO & Academic Director ,

Wed 15 Feb

Required teachers for teaching following subjects: ENGLISH , HINDI, TELUGU, BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES, CLASS 1 HOME TEACHERS, SOCIAL STUDIES AND PRE-PRIMARY TEACHERS URGENTLY. WALK IN OR WRITE TO  career.fusioninternational@gmail.com 

Wed 22 Feb

For the academic year 2017 - 18, Required teachers for the followings subjects

  • Science
  • Maths
  • English
  • Telugu
  • Social Studies
  • Pre-primary teachers to teach PP I & PP II

Apply to career.fusioninternational@gmail.com or call 9989224222.


Wed 17 May

School re-opens on 7th june 2017 for all the classes.

School Vision:

We nurture every student to be Creative, Honest, Independent, Leader and Diligent (CHILD)

School Mission:

To equip every student with diverse skills and abilities. To develop good character and achieve academic excellence within a conducive and vibrant environment.

School Philosophy:

The school aims to provide an all rounded education in partnership with the parents and the community. It works towards a caring, orderly and inviting environment in which pupils pursue academic excellence and cultivate core values that would help them become useful citizens.

Welcome to Fusion International School ......... ADMISSIONS ARE OPEN FOR THE ACADEMIC YEAR 2017-18. PP1 to IX CLASS. ............... School re-opens on 7th June 2017 for all the Classes ........