Duties And Responsibilities

Duties and responsibilities– teachers

  • prepare daily and year-long lesson plans in accordance with curriculum guidelines
  • teach a full range of learning areas, including English (reading, writing, speaking and listening), mathematics, science, technology, society and environment, creative arts, personal development, health and physical education
  • develop children’s interests, abilities and coordination using creative ac tivities such as art, music and sport
  • use computers to assist with lesson preparation, teaching and reporting
  • develop and maintain good working habits and discipline in classrooms
  • carry out administrative duties
  • supervise students during classes and at other times in the school day, including in the playground during breaks
  • attend staff meetings and other training and development sessions
  • take part in joint decision-making about educational issues
  • assess and evaluate students’ progress in written and oral work
  • discuss students’ progress and concerns with parents and administrators
  • assist with and organise sporting activities, school concerts and excursions
  • prepare for and attend parent-teacher meetings and other functions.

Personal Requirements:

  • enjoy working with children
  • creative and organised
  • patient in dealing with students of differing abilities
  • able to communicate simply and clearly
  • prepared to work outside of school hours, if necessary. Admin duties of class teacher
  • Mark attendance every day during first period
  • Decorate class room along with students
  • Class rules and school policies must be posted on the notice board.
  • Please see that class time table is posted on the notice board
  • Seating arrangement must done and every student would be allotted a table and desk and it is his responsibility to keep it clean and tidy all the time
  • Class Teacher and subject teachers have to ensure class rooms are clean after breakfast and lunch, please liaise with Ayahas to keep them spick and span.
  • Set the tone on the first day , means, what are your expectations , when do you collect home work, how do you want class room to be decorated, what are the class rules and if any body breaks the rules then what kind of punishment can be given to students etc..
  • Be punctual to the class and don’t extend the class beyond 2 min. because we are role models
  • Come to school on time, don’t be late. Adjust the timings so that you reach school on time, that is called time-management which is the skill we teach students.
  • During morning assembly, please stand behind your class and monitor the discipline. Language teachers, those who are not class teachers have to stand in front of the students.
  • Please sing along National Anthem and National song with students.
  • Students have to go to classes in a row with hands at the back.
  • Teach students to be polite all the time, when asking permissions and talking to peers and custodians.
  • Please hand in marked home work books to the coordinator on time, if coordinator asks you to check again for any mistakes, you need to oblige her.
  • Please be courteous with colleagues , admin staff, management and custodians. Don’t loose your temper at any time.
  • After marking test papers or exam papers, please go through with the students the mistakes which they have made in the answer scripts and ask them to do corrections immediately.
  • Encourage students to read story books and monitor it .
  • If any student is absent , please ask front office to call the parent and find out the reason why he or she is absent.
  • If there any repairs or problems with the class
  • If you have any issues or problems instead discussing with colleagues , inform coordinators first . In turn they will inform management and try to resolve the issues.
  • Be loyal to school, don’t speak ill of the school or colleagues or management. If you are not happy give two months notice and leave the school instead of tarnishing the image of the school.
  • Please remember Fusion school’s philosophy, be positive and smile always , be gracious at all the time. Try to help students who need your support and go extra mile if necessary. Home work schedule – Marking and submitting to Admin
  • Every Monday weekend worksheets to be collected from the students, and marked. Give grades to students .
  • School doesn’t give marks and ranks but only grades
  • Marked worksheets to be handed in to Principal Madam.
  • Every alternate Wednesday, submit note books or text books of non-scholastic subjects for checking to Director sir for his signature.

Homework plan

  • Please check with coordinators
  • Important note: English grammar notebook is strictly maintained from class(III-VII).
  • One take home activity per week for pre primary students
  • Weekly worksheets to be submitted to PRINCIPAL Madam every Tuesday morning, positively.
  • H/W, C/W all subjects notebook marked and submitted to sir.
  • Correction done by the teacher and explain the mistakes to the students.
  • Please keep your class room and blackboard and soft board updated.
  • Please remember to switch off the lights and fans when not in use.

Rules and regulations

1. a) Appointments of new teachers are for a period of one year on probation. After the completion of one year, the staff members will be confirmed if their performance is satisfactory. If the performance is not satisfactory during this period, his or her services will be terminated by the school management after giving one month’s notice in writing. First one month is considered trial period, if the employee is found, incase, damaging the school’s reputation by not performing according to the school’s requirements, then she/he will be asked to leave the school immediately, without notice.

b) If a staff member decides to leave the job due to unavoidable circumstances, he /she will have to give two month’s written notice or forego two month’s salary.

The above will hold good from the day the appointment letter has been accepted. No leave will be granted during notice period. c) Staff members on probation will not be paid summer salary.
2. Confirmation of any employee shall be subject to the condition that he/she complete probationary period satisfactorily.

The appointment letter or the confirmation letter to the employee affirms that the person has read and agreed to the following rules and regulations of the institute:
– All staff members will discharge their duties with dedication to the job.
– Be regular and punctual to school.
– Show love and consideration towards pupils.
– Be co-operative and amicable towards colleagues.
– Accept additional responsibilities entrusted to them.
– Follow teaching schedules and be regular in carrying out corrections.

Leave benefits

  • Teaching staff members are entitled to avail 6 days C.L, and non-teaching staff members are entitled to avail 4 days CL. Leaves will increase with the no. of years of service put in.
  • In case of emergency, the staff member has to inform the school office verbally before the school begins. Late or no information will be counted as absence on loss of pay.
  • Casual leave taken on Friday/Saturday and on Monday will include Sundayas leave.
  • Arriving late thrice in a month after the school starts in the morning, will be considered as half a day’s leave on loss of pay.
  • The attendance is compulsory on the last day before any term break and on the first day after it re-opens. In case any staff member is absent on either of these days all the days of the vacation period will be treated as ½ (half) day’s leave of absence on loss of pay. If the teacher is absent on both these days the entire vacation period will be counted as leave of absence on loss of pay.
  • All Saturdays are working till 2pm, except for second Saturdays
  • During the term break, teachers must be ready to take up additional work pertaining to lessons .
  • If the teacher is leaving out of station during the term break , information must be given in the front office, in advance.
  • Teachers cannot take leave on the same day if the reason for availing leave is already known to them. Like Parent meeting for their children, going for weddings … etc. If the parent meeting clashes with the PTM in fusion school, priority shall be given to school PTM.

Professional Conduct and Discipline

  • Every teacher must conduct himself in a manner which upholds the integrity of the education service.
  • Disciplinary actions meted out by the management for misconduct or offences include verbal or written warning, stoppage of increments, fine, withdrawal of allowances, reduction of salary or dismissal.

Examples of Misconduct

1. Lack of Punctuality
2. Absence from duty without leave
3. Sleeping while on duty
4. Neglect of duty
5. Being under the influence of alcohol or drugs
6. Indecency in dress or appearance
7. Being rude or discourteous with parents/ colleagues/management
8. Speaking ill of the school/management
9. Conduct prejudicial to good order or discipline
10. Inflicting corporal punishment on students
11. Non-compliance with or disobedience of orders or instructions
12. Deliberately making a false or misleading statement in the course of duty
13. Immoral behavior
14. Stealing school property
15. Illegal gambling
16. Malpractice
17. Dishonesty or embezzlement

Professional Duties

  • Every teacher is responsible for maintaining discipline in the class room and when the students assemble as a group at the assembly area , Audio-Visual room or sports field.
  • When a student falls ill during curriculum time and needs to go home or see a doctor, the Class teacher (CT) needs to call the parents of the student and inform the Principal immediately.
  • If a student has to be attended by a doctor or needs to be sent to hospital., the Class Teacher accompany the student. In the event of an accident, the CT needs to inform the parents and Principal. • All teachers are expected to be at the daily school assembly for morning assembly and the singing of the national anthem. Education for staff children
  • School bus services can be availed by the staff members for free if the staff’s house is in the same route of the school bus route, but their children need to pay the school bus fee.

Education for staff children

School bus services can be availed by the staff members for free if the staff’s house is in the same route of the school bus route, but their children need to pay the school bus fee.