Fusion niche
  • We follow the CBSE syllabus incorporated with international standards.
  • Talks are given on various character traits (responsibility, time management, Integrity, perseverance etc) once in a week and after talks students write in their journal what character traits they practiced in that particular week and do a small skit on these traits.
  • Anagrams, word building , Initial blends , final blends etc.. activities in Language classes are held which helps in improving Vocabulary, Spellings and analytical thinking.
  • We provide a platform to the students to perform and develop their hidden potentials. Activities like music, drama and dance expose them to the world of imagination and creativity.
  • Sports activities, like Cricket, Tennis, Badminton etc .increases their stamina and builds a spirit of sports man ship.
  • We are proud to exhibit this quality of ours that besides the above mentioned activities we try to inculcate in our students the following skills:
Life and Career skills:-
leadership, ethics, accountability , adaptability, self-direction, social responsibility, initiative, cross-cultural skills, self responsibility.
Social & Emotional skills:-
the ability to interact with others, including helping themselves and exercise self-control.
Social & Emotional skills:-
ability to read, comprehend, remember, interpret, and analyze information.
Language skills:-
speaking, listening, reading, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation .
Communication skills:-
Intra-personal communication skills, Interpersonal communication skills, Verbal and Non verbal communication skills.
Learning and Innovation skills:-
critical thinking, problem solving, communication, creativity, collaboration.
Technology skills :-
computer literacy , Media awareness, Information management.

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