Service Rules For Teachers

Service rules

1. a) Appointments are for a period of two years on probation. After the completion of two years, the teacher will be confirmed if the performance is satisfactory. If the performance is not satisfactory during this period, his or her services will be terminated by the school management after giving one month’s notice in writing. First one month is considered trial period, if the teacher is found, incase, damaging the school’s reputation by not teaching according to the school’s requirements, then she will be asked to leave the school immediately, without notice.

b) If a teacher decides to leave the job due to unavoidable circumstances, he /she will have to give two month’s written notice or forgo two month’s salary.

The above will hold good from the day the appointment letter has been accepted. No leave will be granted during notice period.

c) Teachers on probation will not be paid summer salary.
2. Confirmation of any employee shall be subject to the condition that he/she completed the Probationary period satisfactorily.

The appointment letter or the confirmation letter to the employee affirms that the person has read and agreed to the following rules and regulations of the institute:

– All teachers will discharge their duties with dedication to the job.
– Be regular and punctual to school.
– Show love and consideration towards pupils.
– Be co-operative and amicable towards colleagues.
– Accept additional responsibilities entrusted to them.
– Follow teaching schedules and be regular in carrying out corrections.

Leave benefits:

  • Teachers are entitled to avail 6days C.L in a year with prior permission in writing. The teacher also has to set work for her/his classes and submit it with the leave application.
  • In case of emergency, the teacher has to inform the school office verbally before the school begins. Late or no information will be counted as absence on loss of pay
  • Casual leave taken on Friday/Saturday and on Monday will include Sunday as leave.
  • Arriving late thrice in a month after the school starts in the morning, will be considered as one day’s leave on loss of pay.
  • The teachers are not allowed to take leave in the months of Feb, March and April unless it is absolutely unavoidable.
  • The attendance is compulsory on the last day before any term break and on the first day after it re-opens. In case, any teacher is absent on either of these days ,all the days of the vacation period will be treated as ½ (half) day’s leave of absence on loss of pay. If the teacher is absent on both these days the entire vacation period will be counted as leave of absence on loss of pay.
  • Teachers who do not avail all six days of C.L will have the privilege of en-cashing the remaining days of C.Ls Other Benefits:

For Permanent teachers:

  • One child of the staff member studying in this school is entitled to avail of 50% concession in the admission fee, after completing 2 years probation period. Second and third children are entitled to avail 30% and 20% respectively.
  • But they need to pay 100% transportation fee for their children, if availing school bus services.
  • Teachers are welcome to use school transport free of cost , if it happens to pass by their area or to any point closest to their residence.
  • All teachers who come by the school bus will have to monitor and discipline the children in the bus.

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