1. Environmental club
2. Sports club
3. Health club

Wondering how a child might benefit by joining a club?

Get Out and Do Something
Many children spend too many hours in front of the TV watching senseless shows or playing video games. A club gives these children an opportunity to explore more varied, and healthier, activities.
Keep Out of Trouble
Studies show that after-school hours, the "witching hours" are more dangerous to children than night-time hours. Participating in an after-school club reduces children's risks of becoming involved in drugs or alcohol, getting involved in illegal activities or committing crimes.
Meet People / Make Friends
Joining a club gives children a comfortable place to meet others with similar interests. This often forms the basis for lifelong friendships.
Learn New Skills
Children who participate in a variety of activities are introduced to new skills and given a chance to develop them. As children realize they "can do", their self-confidence grows.
Learn Teamwork
Many activities require children to work together towards a common goal. Whether they're trying to win a game or complete a community service project, children learn to work as a team.
Develop Independence
By participating in clubs, young children learn to be outside of their family. Older children learn skills and values that will carry them through to their adult lives.
Leadership / Responsibility
Children have the opportunity to make their own decisions and elect officers. They learn to lead, follow and carry their portion of the responsibility.
Civic Mindedness / Values
Some organizations exist as service organizations. Others participate in community service as part of a larger scope of activities. Either way, children learn to look beyond themselves and experience the joy of making a difference.
College Admissions
In addition to solid academics, college admissions boards like to see well-rounded students. Club participation demonstrates this on a students' college applications
College Scholarships
In addition to rounding out their college applications, children who participate in clubs may qualify for scholarships. These are available for accomplishments in sports, scouts, NCC and many other organizations.
Plain Old Fun
Playing a game, camping, singing -- whatever the focus, children participate because they enjoy the activities, and sometimes fun is as good a reason as any other to join a club.
Different types of clubs
  • Sports club: cricket, soccer , basket ball, chess club etc
  • Drama club
  • Music and art club
  • Reading club
  • Environmental club
  • Dance club
  • Academic club: literary club; math club; science club
  • When you are choosing a club for your child, you will want to consider the various types of organizations and what she may do with the clubs and get out of the clubs. Here is a quick list to give you some direction.
    Children learn a lot about themselves and others by volunteering. Even the youngest of children can make a difference. By choosing a project and following it through, children develop a sense of accomplishment. Whether planting flowers or serving in a soup kitchen, children see the results of their hard work and have the satisfaction of knowing they are making a difference.
    Sports give children a chance to engage in physical activity as well as make friends, develop skills, learn teamwork and build self-esteem. The sporting options are virtually endless
  • Cricket
  • Cheerleading
  • Soccer
  • Basket ball:etc
  • Academic
    Academic clubs recognize children's academic achievements or give children the opportunity to work in an academic area in more depth than offered in class. They may also help prepare children for their future in a specific area.
  • Science club
  • Math club
  • Literary club etc…
  • Music & Arts
    Children develop creativity and express themselves through the arts. Singing, dancing, painting, and drama give children the chance to find out who they are – or sometimes pretend to be someone different -- and express it in beautiful ways.

    FOR EXAMPLE IN A DRAMA CLUB , WHAT TO DO IN THE CLUB? I've started the first drama club at my school, it's a small school of about 200 kids. There's about 20 people in the club and we've had our first meeting, it went fine.

    The meeting is an hour long, and on the first day I had no idea what to do for the last 30minutes so I just came up with improve games for us to play.

    This time I want to be prepared; what kind of things did you do in your drama club, if you ever did one? I also want to get us prepared for doing a play I have directed before but doing a class, I need things to do.
    Assign a book perhaps on theatre or acting and take some time every meeting to discuss it.
    Audition: Everything an Actor Needs to Know to Get the Part by a book on how to make the strongest decisions, commitment, and practical advice.

    Split people into groups and assign a scene for them to perform in front of the club. They could pick their own from a selection of plays or you can assign them. Use some of the meeting time to rehearse for this.

    After the scenes, suggest a play and ask them to submit and vote.
    Environmental club
    How to organize?
    1. Determine who will be the President and Vice-President of the club, then move on to finding additional members. Create a running list that includes members' names, position and contact information. To recruit more members, post flyers around your school or have an announcement made over the intercom or in a community or college newspaper.

    2 Write a one-page document that explains the purpose of the environmental club. What does the club wish to achieve? Generally describe how you will achieve your purpose. This will serve as a guide so that current and potential members will know what to expect from the club.

    3. Schedule weekly meetings for club members at school or in your home. Discuss a current environmental issue going on in the world or in the community and brainstorm ways to help. Consider fundraisers, parties, litter cleanups and volunteering at parks or other organizations. Weekly meetings will help keep members involved and active, and one group member should be responsible for emailing or calling other club members and reminding them about the meeting or event.

    4. Record national or community events that your club can participate in. Some events may include Earth Day, World Water Day, World Wildlife Week, World Forestry Day and Green Consumer Day. The club should plan ahead for larger events like this by contacting local environmental organizations and seeing if there is a possibility to collaborate.

    5. Set up sign-up sheets for all events so that everyone knows who is bringing and doing what. This makes people more responsible for showing up, because they know other people are counting on them.
    How to start any club?
    1. Choose a cause:-
    Some good ideas might be something like, "Save the whales!" or "Stop global warming!" the cause should also relate to where you are. For example, 'save the whales' might not be such a good idea if you live 10 hours to the nearest whale location, whereas 'keep our state clean' would work anywhere. But nothing says you can't do more than one cause! Your club could do a different cause every month! For example, you could do saving polar bears in November, pandas in December and global warming in January.

    2. Name your club
    This can be as simple as 'The Environmental Club' or as cool as 'Team Enviro'. Some words you could use are green, tree-hugger,and, of course, something that relates to your cause. Then you can start accepting members!

    3. Start researching!
    Now that you have your club, you all need to assign days you will get together to study your cause. After the club members are experts on the cause, research places where you can help or protest, depending on your cause.

    4. Find a clubhouse
    Your club must have a place where it gets together to have meetings and discuss your projects. It could be, your classroom on Saturdays, in someone's room, living room, tree house, your yard, there are endless possibilities.

    5. Have meetings
    Find a time that suits most of your club members(if not all) and talk about possible projects. These could be fund-raisers, clean-ups, spreading awareness... It should relate to what you have been researching.

    6. Decide on jobs
    Each club member should have a certain job they need to do. Some you could include are New-Member-Finder, Website manager, Person-that-Has-Ideas-for-Activities, Person-that-Has-Ideas-for-Projects, the President who decides all the meeting times, new members, meeting places, activities, and projects.

    7. Have activities
    Your club should have some fun activities to do every once in a while to remind them what they are fighting for. These could be hikes in the forest, watching environmental movies (such as "An Inconvienient Truth, or even "Wall.E"), or anything else you can think of that would apply to the environment(don't use this as an excuse to spend your meetings watching movies and eating pop-corn!), only do these once a month or twice a month.

    8. Do projects!
    At your meetings, decide on a few projects, and do them! When you're done with the few projects you have chosen, decide on a few more! And after that, a few more! And after that,... You can always redo projects if you think they were not successful. As I said above, the projects could be anything from fund-raisers to park clean-ups and even to handing out brochures on a cause(be sure to print them on recycled paper).

    9. Make a website
    If you don't have enough money, you can always make it from a web-hosting service, such as Webs.com or Godaddy.com. Be sure to have the sections; About(describe your club and what you do), Current/Upcoming Projects(the projects you are working on and what you will do soon), and Home. On your homepage write what you have been talking about during your meetings. You can also have a photo gallery, links to other environmental sites, a members-only area that is password protected and where you have a discussion page, and even a section about how you can help the earth. Be sure not to give any personal info on your page, such as phone numbers, last names, adresses, e-mail adresses, or school adresses. Update your website frequently, so people don't get bored.
    Environmental club
    Week 1 Introduction to clubs and societies and selection of members Teacher-incharge and Director
    Week 2 Selection of club members and their designations Teacher-incharge & members
    Week 3 Chose a project and name it and have discussion Club Members
    Week 4 Work on project by gathering information and going to computer lab and internet. Get paper clippings and discuss about the project Club Members & Teacher-incharge
    Week 5 Analysing the information with the help of teachers and students Club Members & Teacher-incharge
    Week 6 Preparing charts and flyers to educate the students Club Members & Teacher-incharge
    Week 7 Preparing a power point presentation Club members
    Week 8 Making a website Club Members & Sowjanya mdm
    Names of fusion groups
    Fusionites are divided into different groups.The groups names are chosen as constellation names, because according to fusion logo, fusionites are stars and group of stars is known as constellation. Hence, the groups names are constellation names. Moreover, each constellation represent an animal ,which has a fighting spirit, hence it is given to our competitive students.
    Qualities Required of a Prefect
    1. You must be cooperative, helpful and a well - mannered student, who is trustworthy and responsible.
    2. You must show respect for teachers, your peers and the school environment.
    3. You must display leadership qualities:
  • Be willing to take on extra responsibility
  • Complete tasks without supervision.
  • Show initiative and follow instructions carefully
  • Be able to encourage and motivate fellow students
  • You must be positive and enthusiastic when underrating your duties
  • 4. Be able to encourage and motivate your peers.
    5. You must be dressed appropriately on all occasions.
    6. You must be punctual for your duties.
    7. You must demonstrate that you can work independently and as part of a team.
    8. You must be committed to your duties and take responsibility for your actions.
    9. You must be a good ambassador for the school.
    10. You must be cooperative and self disciplined, on and off school grounds.
    11. You must have and maintain an excellent attendance record.
    12. You must maintain a good academic record.
    As a prefect of Fusion International School, I promise to perform my duties earnestly, and to the best of my ability to uphold the Prefects’ qualities. I will wear my uniform with pride. I will attempt to set an example with my good behaviour, honesty and effort which will influence other students to become helpful school citizens supporting our school values.
    Rules and Regulations of Boarding school
    1. The medium of communication at EWGS, Hyderabad is English. Students must converse with each other only in English. Parent(s), Guardian(s) and Sponsor(s) should encourage the same even during the vacation

    2. Students will not be allowed to go out of the campus without prior Permission and gate pass.

    3. No student should damage any property belonging to the School or to any student. Any one causing such damage will have  to make good the loss either by compensation or by replacement.

    4. Late arrival after vacation / leave will be treated as an act of indiscipline and will not be tolerated.

    5. Students will be allowed to go home for holidays only after the working hours on the closing day. They must return to the Campus on the appointed day. In case of sickness, the school authorities must be notified and the doctor’s certificate produced.

    6. In case of any breach of discipline by the students, the school authorities will inform Parent(s), Guardian(s) or Sponsor(s)

    7. Failure to pay the fees on time will be viewed seriously and might entail cancellation of admission. Re-admission fee would be charged in addition to the late fee.

    8. Parent(s) Guardian(s) and Sponsor(s)are requested to notify the Principal of any change of address or telephone numbers.

    9. EWGS, Hyderabad being a co-educational residential school with students coming from different backgrounds, it is necessaryto follow a clear dress code to preserve sanctity of the school premises. The uniform of EWGS, Hyderabad is gracefully designed to ensure comfort and to avoid exhibitionism.

    10. Parent(s), Guardian(s) and Sponsor(s) are requested to take care in sending the casual clothes with the children. These dresses should not display risqué prints or symbols. Advertisements that promote drugs, alcohol, tobacco or violence are    prohibited on all apparel. The dress should be for comfort and not to attract unnecessary attention.

    11. In the case of girls, the variety of dress option is so large that the parents are requested to choose such dresses that preserve the ethos of the campus. Any dress considered revealing will not be permitted on campus.

    12. In case of sickness or injury, the student will be sent to the hospital for treatment and stay under observation in the hospital on the Doctor’s advice. For minor ailments or injuries, the Parent(s), Guardian(s) or Sponsor(s) will not be undulydisturbed  and they will be informed of such. However, they may be called upon incase the situation demands.
      Withdrawal of students. Parent(s), Guardian(s) and Sponsor(s) who so wish to withdraw their children from the school should give the Principal notice of their intention in writing at least one month prior to the date of withdrawal. Incase withdrawal is made in the middle of the academic year the fee due up to the end of the year must be remitted.

    13. Withdrawal of students. Parent(s), Guardian(s) and Sponsor(s) who so wish to withdraw their children from the school should give the Principal notice of their intention in writing at least one month prior to the date of withdrawal. Incase withdrawal is made in the middle of the academic year the fee due up to the end of the year must be remitted.

    14. The management of the school reserves the right to recommend withdrawal of students:
      a.Who in the opinion of the Principal are not likely to benefit from continuing his/her education in the school,
      b.Whose conduct is considered detrimental to other students in the school,
      c.Whose fee is not paid within the stipulated period.

    Students Code Of Conduct

    Fusion International School, Hyderabad will strive hard to help students become useful and responsible citizens. Citizenship training will be imparted to the students in the School.
    The primary aim of the school is to transform young children into mature responsible and self-controlled members of the society, who will act as change agents. The Principal and staff are responsible for and have the authority to control and maintain order in the school campus.
    The primary aim of the school is to transform young children into mature responsible and self-controlled members of the society, who will act as change agents. The Principal and staff are responsible for and have the authority to control and maintain order in the school campus.


    You Are Expected to:

    1. Attend all classes on time and have all work and materials ready for class.
    2. Show respect to others and school property.
    3. Behave in a responsible manner.
    4. Cooperate with the staff in the investigation of any disciplinary cases and report any misconduct to your Mentor.

    You Are Not Expected To

    1. Vandalize or damage property owned by other students, the school or its employees.
    2. Possess weapons or look-alikes on campus.
    3. Assault, attack or harass any student or employee of the school.
    4. Possess or be under the influence of any intoxicant, alcohol, drug, aerosol or medicines that has not been administered by    the school medical doctor.
    5. Possess or use tobacco in any form.
    6. Cheat or copy the work of other students.
    7. Use inappropriate language or gesture, engage in name- calling or verbal abuse or make insulting statements towards others.
    10. Bring Radios, tape recorders, CD players, video games or such other electronic gadgets on campus.
    11. Make loud and disruptive sounds in the school corridors or classrooms.

    General Discipline

    1. The medium of instruction and communication at FIS, Hyderabad  is English and students must converse with each other only in English.

    2. Students must wear only the prescribed uniforms while attending school, official functions and outings.

    3. Students are NOT allowed to go out without proper permission.

    4. Those who return to school after remaining absent without permission will not be allowed to enter the class without the permission of the Principal.

    5. The students should be very careful in taking care of their personal belongings. They must keep them neat, tidy and at appropriate places.

    6. No student shall damage any property belonging to the school or any other student. Severe disciplinary action will be taken against such students who cause such damage. In addition, a heavy fine will be levied.

    7. School library is kept open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Students are allowed to borrow the books from the library. Reference books are to be used in the library itself. No student shall take any book out of the library without getting it issued by the Librarian.

    8. School gives maximum emphasis on the behavior of the student. The student should stand smartly at attention while speaking to a teacher or an elder. They should address them appropriately and politely. Boys should not put their hands in their pockets while talking to teachers or elders.

    9. All students should show respect to the authority of the Captains on all occasions.

    10. The captains are responsible for the smooth functioning of all the school activities. They must put in their best efforts to live up to the honor of the badge that they wear.

    11. School appoints a certain number of students as “Prefects”. These young Prefects guard the property of the school, report to the captain and teachers, in case of deviations and advice the school council about the changes to be brought in. It is an honor and recognition bestowed on the most disciplined students as Prefects. The Prefects will assist the Captains in all the curricular and co-curricular activities of the School.

    Welcome to Fusion International School ......... ADMISSIONS ARE OPEN FOR THE ACADEMIC YEAR 2018-19. NURSERY to IX CLASS. ............... Welcome to Fusion International School ......... ADMISSIONS ARE OPEN FOR THE ACADEMIC YEAR 2018-19. NURSERY to IX CLASS. ........